Danube-Oder-Elbe: Living Rivers oder Kanal
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This 40 pages study, commissioned by WWF and written in German, assesses the present status and the likely environmental (especially nature conservation) impacts of a new navigation route linking the Danube with the Elbe and the Oder rivers. For the first time, the study gives a complete overview of this complex, multi-country project which so far was mainly promoted in its short southern fractions.

The technical project would include 73-83 hydrodams, 2-3 ship lifts (each 41-103 m high), 1-2 ship bridges over the Morava river and 2-3 ship tunnels. Apart from questionable economic "benefits", the study gives an overview of various environmental impacts, pinpointing at its entire lenght of over 1,600 km and a list of 61 canal-affected protected areas (including 2 national parks and 6 Ramsar sites) with a total of over 400,000 hectares. The realisation of the canal would constitute "the largest nature destruction of the modern Europe" (WWF).


Overview maps
Protected areas affected by the course of the planned canal

Impact on protected areas in the southern part of the probable canal course