Examples for visitor management methods in Canadian parks

Tourism hot spots like Niagara Falls demonstrate that mass tourism (8 million/year!) and unique nature experience can be achieved via high capacity facilities (via fast and entertained queuing systems, viewing platforms, elevators, access tunnels, boats, shuttle buses, video information, original photo exhibits, boards with diverse information and stories etc.).

Wooden stairways and light rain coats allow safe and exciting visitor access without altering the nature site.

Why are ALL visitors directed through a souvenir shop to exit a tourist attraction???

Attracting the visitor's interest can be done in very simple ways, at best by inviting to try him/herself.

Multiple attraction of visitor interest: 2- and 3-dimensional displays, buttons to push, text to read and sounds/stories to listen.

Modern visitor centers (here Glacier NP) offer a relaxed atmosphere and space even for less engaged visitors.

Visitors like to prove their skills, here in gold panning (BC Britannia Beach Mining Museum)

NP rangers in action: relaxed conversation with real objects attracts any visitor and can be very efficient communication.

Standard camp site in Canadian parks: ca. 10x10 m site inside an intact forest, with an even, dry and solid ground, fire place and picknick table, car access and enough space (some 10 m) up to the next site. The park warden collects the fees (ca. Euro 10/night), monitors and consults the camping parties, and cleans the campground (camp sites, toilets, waste collectors) - every day!

All CAN parks have - daily serviced - solid sanitary and waste collection facilities, and allow access of handicapped visitors.

Picknick tables at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park (Ontario )

Signing in protected areas should always be easily visible, simple to understand, reliable, made of natural material in a near-natural shape and well maintained.

Habitat management along trails should always try to increase awareness and support.

Visitor experience is much increased if guided by a competent local expert (here inside a whale-watching boat).

Fundraising for park management can be done in many ways...

Alternative waste management.

If motivated, any tourist service facility can be built in a decent way.