Picture Gallery mining sites in Serbia and Bosnia-Hercegovina

Mining sites in Serbia - Bor and Majdanpek (photo credits and copyright A. Zinke )

The metallurgical plant and mine tailings of Bor/Serbia

Tailings deposit at Bor (total: 450 million tons)

Seepage water from Bor tailings running into Borska "black river" (receives effluents from mine, metallurgical plant and communal sewage).

Confluence of "black river" (pH 2-4) with greenish Krivelj river (pH 5-7; polluted by mine and tailings waters, running into Timok river (border with BG)

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Majdanpek: Deposit of 7 mio. tons tailings at Saska potok (dam collapsed in 1996)

The Majdanpek copper mine pit.

Pek creek is diverted around the mine pit; at right polluted by seepage water from another mine.
Mining sites in Bosnia & Hercegovina: Srebrenica and Vares

Srebrenica's Sase mine (lead and zinc) waters are polluting Majdanski stream and small-scale farming along-side.

Mine waters from acid rock drainage emerge at a valley slope upstream the tailings pond.

Talings deposit (over 50 m high) of Sase mine.

Small farm at the edge of polluted tailings.
Vares mine area near Sarajevo

The Vares-Smreka ore mine, once the largest open pit in the former Yugoslavia, is used today as a fishing pond.

The milling plant of Smreka mine (in the back) was destroyed during the Bosnian war.

Veovaca tailing pond near Vares is considered a risk site: Cracks show that the dam is not stable.

Veovaca tailings dam: erosion gulleys and sink holes on the downstream side

Dozens of toads crawl up the Veovaca tailings dam.

The abandoned Przici lead and zinc mine is upstream the Veovaca pond.