Wetlands Across the Borders
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PhareThe Morava-Dyje riverine landscape is one of the last regions in Europe where traditional land use secured a rich biodiversity, and which today is becoming a model area for wetland restoration and for reconciliation of man and nature.

In July 1996 at the 10th Task Force meeting of the "Environmental Programme for the Danube River Basin", the Lower Morava-Dyje rivers became one of eight Danube tributary systems, selected to demonstrate strategic action (here: wetland restoration) for reducing transboundary environmental problems within the Danube SIP (Strategic Action Plan Implementation Programme)

Two respective projects (restoration of "Meadows and Forests" and of "Hydrology and Fisheries") were sponsored by the EU-Phare Multi-country Programme for Environment with the primary objectives to 1) improve the ecological functioning of wetlands in the project areas and 2) to demonstrate the ability to undertake wetland rehabilitation projects in the Danube River Basin.

Between fall 1997 and fall 1999, engineers and ecologists from Slovakia, Czechia and the EU started (Phase 1!) innovative ways of river and wetland management by jointly developing integrated proposals for their restoration. An overview map presents the region and the main project results. More detailed information is given in an information poster (English-Slovak) and a 20 minutes video (available in English or Czech language) which can be ordered from our office (zinke.enviro@vienna.at)

See also respective articles in the magazines Danube Watch vol. 2/no. 3 /September 1996; pp. 9-11), "Danube Watch" no. 4/99 (page 10-11) and "Aqua Press" no. 6/99 (page 38-39).

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