Causal Chain Analysis
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This report is based on the results of the "Transboundary Analysis Workshop" in January 1999 within the UNDP/GEF Danube Basin "Pollution Reduction Programme". It assessed from a regional viewpoint the results from national workshops and tried to present in a causal chain analysis the major causes of transboundary environmental effects as well as the effects of pollution to the Danube Basin and the Black Sea ecosystems. The three main pollution sectors analysed were municipalities, industry and agriculture.
The country-by-country analysis of the workshop tried to identify similarities among two groups, EU accession and Middle Danube countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and ) as well as Lower Danube countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine). The EU countries Germany and Austria, being in a different status of pollution prevention and abatement, supported this analysis.
An example given is the causal chain for agriculture in the Middle Danube region.

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Causal Chain Analysis