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Sava River Basin (SI, HR, BiH, SCG)

UNDP/GEF Danube Regional Project

Component 1.1-9 (Phase 2):

Development of the Pilot River Basin Management Plan for the Sava

Coordination of the intl. Consultants team :

Task 1: Completion of WFD Danube Basin Roof Report
Task 2: Analysis of transboundary key issues
Task 3: Preliminary Sava Programme of Measures
Task 4: Structure of the Sava RBM Plan (WFD)

Final Report (March 2007)



UNDP/GEF Danube Regional Project office Vienna

(via Consortium Hydro-Ingenieure / Umweltbundesamt / Ecologic)

Romania Romanian Hungarian corridor for biodiversity conservation - Technical Assistance for preparation of the management plan and for equipment acquisition Team Leader for elaborating a new Management Plan (for the 76,000 ha Apuseni mountains nature park and the 5,000 ha Cefa-Radvani wetland) and the Terms of Reference for an ecotourism programme [survey of 2nd expert: preparing Technical Specification and Tender documents for equipment acquisition] 04/05 03/06 EU-Phare CBC Romania - Ministry for European Integration (via company MWH, Belgium)
Danube River Basin

International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (River Basin Management Expert Group):

Hydromorphological alterations
Consultancy on the further implementation of the Water Framework Directive with respect to new infrastructure projects, particularly on waterway transport 04/05 2007 ICPDR Secretariat
Danube basin ( AT, BG, CH, CS, DE, HU, RO, SK) Workshop Hydrology and Limnology - another boundary in the Danube River Basin, 14-16 October 2004 Technical organisation of a special scientists workshop (finding / preparation of the venue in Petronell/Austria; WS logistics, 30 participants travel and reimbursement, facilitation of content execution) 11/03 12/04 IAD (Intl. Association for Danube Research (using funds from UNESCO-ROSTE)
Danube basin

Workshops "Promoting BAP in the DRB" - Zagreb 6-7 Oct. 2003;

"Developing Pilot Projects for Redu-cing Agricultural Pollution in the DRB" - Bucharest 19-20 Jan. 2004
Technical organisation and facilitation of the 2 workshops organised within the DRP components 1.2 Agricultural Policies and 1.3. Agricultural Pilot Projects (preparation of the venue, facilitation of the content organisation; workshop execution and reporting) 04/03 02/04 UNDP/GEF-DRP (together with GFA-Terra & Avalon)

Sava River Basin (SI, HR, BiH, SCG)

UNDP/GEF Danube Regional Project

Component 1.1-9  (Phase 1):

Development of the Pilot River Basin Management Plan for the Sava

Coordination of regional team analysis:

Inception Report, May 2003;

Summary analyses of socio-economic and water management indicators, November 2003;

Concept for Phase 2 -Preparation of a Sava RBM Plan, March 2004



GEF Project office Vienna

Sava River Basin (HR, BiH, SCG)

EU-CARDS Regional Program:

Pilot River Basin Plan for the Sava River Basin

Production of the projects Terms of Reference (36 months; 2.3 mio. Euro)



MWH for EC


Study Tour on Public Awareness in Environmental Issues (strengthe-ning the capacity of Min. of Environm.)

Organisation and guiding of a study tour of 7 Macedonian experts from 15-21 November 2003 to Austrian institutions (government, city, national parks, NGOs)



GOPA, Skopje

Balkan region

Major Transboun-dary Rivers and Lakes in the Balkan Region

Production of an overview report and map



ICPDR Secretariat


Expert Training for RO Industries (incl. mining) and Envi-ronment Protection Authorities (sector water pollution)

Initiation, organisation and execu-tion of a 9 days training (11-19 Sept. 2003) for 11 Romanian experts to Styria and Vienna (paper, mining and metal industries; communal WWTPs; provincial, federal and intl. institutions



Austrian Ministry
Foreign Affairs/
KHTC Vienna

Romania, Hungary

Assessment of Hot Spots on Industrial Pollution in the Upper Tisza Basin: Impacts of Industrial Activities, Needs and Opportunities for Pollution Reduction

Consultancy of a new Greenpeace campaign; research of updated information (paper and map); pre-paration of an Investment Portfolio with Roman. mining industry and environmental agencies; contacts with donors



Green-peace in CEE

Danube Basin

UNESCO/IHP Danube Mono-graphy:

Thematic Maps of Danube River Basin

Production of 4 maps (in German, English-Russian) on



Bundes-anstalt f. Gewässerkunde

Danube & Dniepr Basins

Study and Training Tour on Danube River Basin Management (UNDP/GEF project „Dniepr Basin Environment Programme)

Organisation and execution of  programme (together with Fluvius and IAD) for 9 experts from UA, BR and RU: Visits to governmental institu-tions (ICPDR, ministry, environ-mental agency), university institute, wetland restoration sites in urban area and national park



IDRC/ GEF-Dniepr programme office

Danube Basin

Waterway Transport on Europe's Lifeline, the Danube. Impacts, Threats and Opportunities.

Part A: River Ecosystem

Consultancy of study concept, research and preparation for print




Danube Basin

GEF Danube Regional Project / Project Brief - NGO component

Production of a report on previous GEF impact on NGOs and the public; concept for a future GEF project



ICPDR Secretariat

Romania/ Ukraine/ Slovakia/ Hungary

Risks for Transboundary Pollution in the Tisa river basin

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Production of a Regional Inventory and map of high risk spots for pollution accidents



ICPDR Secretariat


Tisa river basin transboundary pollution incidents

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Consultancy at UNDP office in Bukarest to co-ordinate the local and intl. environmental emergency rehabilitation



UNDP Romania

Netherlands/ Germany/ Austria

Excursion to European model river restoration projects

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Organisation of a two weeks round trip for a small group incl. journalists from Japan



"21st Century Environmental Committee" Japan

Czechia/ Slovakia

Phare: Restoration of Morava/Dyje Meadows and Forests

Team leader of a transboundary floodplain restoration project (with local authorities, NGOs & EU experts) along 2 Danube tributaries



Carl Bro - PEC

C & E Europe (w/o NIS)

1. Danube Environment Forum

Environmental Project Grants Program - Tender Evaluation

1. Facilitator of a Danube Basin NGO consultation meeting on the Danube PRP;
2. Member of the Evaluation Panel assessing the short-listed project proposals of NGOs from Central and Eastern Europe

11/98 + 3/ 99

3+3 days



Phare Karst Park Training

Nature conservation expert the training of representatives from local authorities and NGOs on park planning and management, public participation, cross-boundary co-operation etc.



WWF for Carl Bro - Phare Environment Consortium

Austria/ Czechia/ Slovakia

Excursion "Nature Across the Borders"

Organisation of a 4-days special excursion (field trip with a multiple program) for a group of 35 environmentalists, covering some local forms of wetland management and inter-sectoral/cross-border co-operation in the region A/CZ/SK/H



Naturlandstiftung d. Saarlandes

Austria/ Czechia/ Slovakia/ Poland/ Germany

Danube-Oder-Elbe: Living Rivers or Canal

Special study on nature conservation, environmental and economic impacts of the planned new navigation route (40 pp.)




Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine

International Cooperation in Danube River Basin Management

Technical expert for workshop organisation and wetlands.

Intl. co-operation for the manage-ment of the Tisza river basin;



ESB Intl.


Phare: Selective Waste Management in Örség

Short-term consultancy for the preparation and finalisation of an environment education project.



Carl Bro - PEC

Danube Basin

Regional organisation of the "Danube Symposium" 1999

(postponed in April 1999 due to YU war)

Co-organisation (especially local and Danube Basin-specific preparation) of a 2 weeks international symposium involving religious leaders, environmental scientists, politicians and international persons to be held onboard of a Danube ship



Religion, Science
& the Environment

Danube Basin

Danube PRP: Danube Partnership Programme - National Project Investment Portfolio

Consultancy of 9 Danube Basin governments (CZ, SK, H, SLO, HR, BiH, BG, RO, UA) to prepare over 70 donor-oriented project concepts and their compilation in an investment portfolio (350 pp.)




Danube Basin

Danube PRP: Transboundary Areas Report

Causal Chain Analysis for the Middle and Lower Danube Basin countries

2 special reports for the "Danube Pollution Reduction Programm":

1. Text with 14 thematic GIS maps on geography, socio-economic issues, hot spots and Significant Impact Areas in the Danube Basin (110 pp.); maps also on CD-Rom and in A0 format.

2. The Causal Chain Analysis was based on workshops (100 pp.)




Czechia/ Slovakia

Phare: Restoration of Morava/Dyje Fisheries and Hydrology

Team leader of a similar transboundary floodplain restoration project (executed with local authorities, scientists and EU experts); including production of a video and a bilingual poster



Carl Bro - PEC