Dams and Rivers

Kern, K. & A. Zinke (2000): Rehabilitation of the Danube in the Reach Affected by the Hydropower System of Gabcikovo (lecture given in November 1999 in Neuhaus/Germany):

In 1992, the Gabcikovo hydroelectric power station on the Danube some 30-km downstream from Bratislava was set in operation. The power plant canal by-passes a 40-km reach of the Danube and so threatens one of the most valuable floodplain areas of the river. According to the judgement of the
International Court of Justice in The Hague, the conflicting states, Slovakia and Hungary, should seek to reach agreement on the operation of the power plant system which avoids detrimental impacts on the environment on the basis of the current knowledge as far as possible. In this paper different solutions for the by-passed river reach are presented and discussed.