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ZINKE ENVIRONMENT CONSULTING is an international consultancy firm for environment, based in Vienna and registered in fall 1998. It is specialised on nature and environment projects (water management) in the entire Danube Basin (Germany to Ukraine) and the Balkan region.

Main professional subjects are

  • Integrated river basin and wetland management (transboundary co-operation, Water Framework Directive implementation, ecology/conservation/restoration),
  • Management of protected areas (upgrading of ecosystem and visitor management, nature tourism)
  • Water-related socio-economic issues (river engineering, hydro-energy, flood protection, water quality/pollution, recreation/tourism, mining, navigation) and
  • Cross-border cooperation, institution-building, environmental awareness and public participation.

Key region is Central & South-Eastern Europe, particularly the Danube basin (DE, AT, CZ, SK, HU, SI, HR, RO, BG, RS, BA).

Since 1990, we co-operate with various environmental experts and institutions in Central and South-Eastern Europe. We usually work in multi-disciplinary and international teams, commissioned by international clients (e.g. EC, UNDP, UNEP, WWF). We are also able to communicate and translate/interpret (speaking and writing) in the following languages: German, English, Hungarian, Slovak (Czech), Russian, French.

ZINKE ENVIRONMENT CONSULTING has a network of contacts throughout the region to both government institutions, scientists/EU experts, NGOs and international governmental institutions (e.g. ICPDR, UNDP/GEF-DRP, UNEP, REC). Apart from long-years experience in international project management (from identification, writing Terms of References and implementation/execution to evaluation), we can provide organisational services for special environmental meetings, conferences and excursions, as well as for all activities in the PR field (media work; public campaigns; production of written information material, posters, GIS maps, professional videos, exhibitions etc.) and in environmental education.

ZINKE ENVIRONMENT CONSULTING is partner of various international EU consortia (e.g. Carl Bro, MWH).

Head ot the company is Alexander Zinke.