• Submission of the application to the International Thiess Riverprize 2007

On 4 September 2007, the ICPDR has won the Australian $300,000 (approx. 180,000 Euro) International Thiess River prize 2007 for its excellence in water management in the Danube River Basin . The announcement was made in Brisbane , Australia , during a special award ceremony at the 10th annual International River symposium

The prestigious International Thiess River prize is awarded each year for outstanding achievements in river management across the world. It is today one of the most highly regarded and richest international water management awards. "The River prize identifies the world's best practices in water management, preservation and restoration. Selected finalists of the 2007 prize came from Canada , China and New Zealand .

Mr Zinke was asked to formulate the application text which the ICPDR Secretariat submitted in March 2007.

  • Conflict over Morava bridge project: The Lower Morava floodplains are renowned as an important intact wetland in the Danube Basin. Recent plans for a new motorway bridge connecting Vienna and Bratislava are developing into a serious environmental conflict. For details see the Article in Danube Watch 1/2004.

  • Cross-border Cooperations in the Management of the Morava and Tisa Rivers - Problems, Lessons and Consequences. Lecture and publication prepared in German for the 1st Austrian Eastern-Europe Forum (4-5 April 2002, Klosterneuburg) of the Austrian Institute for Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Vienna. See also map
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Organisation of Conferences and Events

  • Danube Symposium Religion, Science & the Environment 1999: Planning and preparation of local activities and technical organisation of a two-weeks international boat conference of religious leaders, environmental scientists, politicians and cultural people from Bavaria to the Danube delta.

  • Danube Basin-wide workshop on Phare Wetland Projects (Morava-Dyje Restoration), Bratislava 12/99: Organisation of programme and production of workshop report, in co-operation with the Danube PCU and with financial support of the Austrian Federal Chancellery.
    More information on the workshop can be found on: www.rec.org/DanubePCU.