Danube Partnership Investment Portfolio
Danube PCU

The document presents results of a short-term project-finding mission in June 1999 to 8 Danube basin countries which was initiated by the ICPDR (International Commission for the Danube River Basin) in Vienna and facilitated by UNDP/GEF. The Project Portfolio wants to give potential (multi- and bilateral) donors an overview of concrete investment possibilities for the rehabilitation of environmental problems in the Danube basin, and facilitate respective co-operation with local governments and recipients.

Starting points were the "Transboundary Analysis" of the Danube Pollution Reduction Programme (see Thematic Maps Report) with identified sources ("Hot Spots") and effects of pollution ("Significant Impact Areas"), as well as the agreed objectives and strategies (see the draft "revised Strategic Action Plan") to reduce this pollution. Identified project should give special emphasis to reducing both the nutrient load to the Black Sea and the transboundary effects within the Danube River Basin. Apart from a pool of 420 to 450 high, medium and low priority projects (mostly municipal and industrial) already suggested before in National Reviews, further agricultural and wetland rehabilitation projects were suggested by the basin governments during the mission.

Specific effort was made that these projects meet the criteria given by GEF (Global Environment Facility) and by the ICPDR (see chapters below).

On 288 pages, the "Partnership Portfolio" presents a list of 73 national projects with regional importance. Total investment volume for the selected projects would be more than US$ 400 million, with an average of 50% of funds already being nationally or internationally secured.

Even though the preparatory time was extremely short to respond to the Portfolio format (developed by UNDP and the author), comprehensive detail information is given for each project on 3-5 pages with concise project background and essential facts for donors.

Further information is available at the Secretariat of the ICPDR: E-mail: icpdr@unvienna.org

Key criteria to be met for Danube Partnership

Danube Programme Criteria

GEF Eligibility Criteria

Desired character of selected Danube Partnership projects

Danube basin governments were asked to present project proposals which have

The 73 identified projects can be assigned to the following sectors:

See also respective article in the magazine "Danube Watch" no. 3/99 (page 5-6).

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